Department of Management, FGU


107-2 EMBA Program: Classrooms

  • 2019-02-13
Classrooms of EMBA program courses in this semester will be changed to Lan Yan Bie Yuan after March 2, 2019, shown below.
No. Courses Credits Category Teachers Time Venues
MD513 Topic in Innovation Management 3 Selective Chih-Sien Chen
Yu-Lun Hsu
Liang-Jun Chen
Sat. 8-10 501
MD515 Topics in Services Quality Management 3 Selective Ming-Li Xiong Sat. 2-4 501
MD616 Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategy 3 Selective Her-Ran Chang Sat. 2-4 510
MD617 Topics in Marketing 3 Selective Ming-Chang Lee Sat. 5-7 501
MD680 Topics in Strategic Management 3 Selective Lun-Tan Lu Sat.5-7 510