Department of Management, FGU

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Fo Guang University established in 2000 is a unique institution of higher learning dedicated to providing a traditional liberal arts education of global outlook in the grand Buddhist spirit. Originally, the Graduate School of Management was first established in 2000 and The Department of Management was established in 2007.

   The Graduate School of Management was established in 2000 by Dr. W. J. Hsu who was the head of Department of Public Affairs. The School provided EMBA program in 2001 and MBA program in 2003. At that time, these programs were taught by academic staff at the Department of Public Affairs. The School changed its name to “the Department of Management” in 2007 and began undergraduate program in the College of Social Sciences and Management at Fo Guang University. In 2010, the Department of Management and the Department of Finance were merged into one department named “the Department of Management”. The Department provides two undergraduate programs: Business Management Program and Finance Management. In 2014, the development changed the undergraduate programs to two new programs: “the Business and Management Program” and “the Marketing and Entrepreneurship Program.”

    Currently, we have 13 academic staff who obtained Ph.D. from Australia, Britain, United States, and Taiwan. Their research disciplines are various and cover all fields of Management. There are about 300 students in our department. The alumni are over one hundred. Our alumni work for both public and private organizations and play as important roles. In order to reinforce the connection between alumni and our department, the alumni association was established in 2010. The alumni could reconnect with their old friends and make new networks with other graduates via the alumni association. We believe that annual events of the alumni networking are absolutely beneficial to development of our department.